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Most Used Apps

I just saw this on Fred Wilson's blog, and thought I'd use his approach to see what my "most used apps" are on my phone. Twitter Chrome Google Inbox I... »

Noticing The Boredom of Blockchain

Over on our Leverege Posts blog, I've made note of some trends we're seeing with The Blockchain. Essentially, the news around the Blockchain feels sort of boring, and that's really... »

We're Hiring!

We’re building a team! Come solve complex IoT problems with me at Leverege! A definite “full stack” opportunity! Let me know if you’re interested!... »

On Slow Lanes and Thai Food

Tomorrow is the deadline for initial public comment on proposed rules by the FCC that would allow Internet Service Providers to create slow lanes that most web traffic would get... »

The 2nd Tablet

Have you ever heard of the adoption curve?  I first really became aware of it in a 100-level marketing class in college.  It’s something most everyone inherently knows,... »