Something Different

I’ve owned this domain and basically maintained some form of “blog” for over 20 years now. And like almost every other blog out there, I’ve been incredibly inconsistent at actually writing anything. I think the issue is that I’m constantly blocked by the false belief that I need to write anything for anyone or any reason other than for myself and because I find it interesting. So now I’m going to just try to use this site to organize my thoughts about… whatever I find interesting enough to cause me to do so.

Sometimes, naturally, that will involve writing about tech or business. But I think other times it might involve things I’m learning about running in my 40s (turns out I’ve been doing it all wrong for about 40 years!). Still other times I might write about making bagels, the best new British espionage miniseries I’ve seen in a bit, or, hell, maybe just a very funny meme.

Anyway, in the spirit of trying new things:

Something I Found Amazing

Apple’s App Store “economy” is now larger than all but the top 16 or so national economies’ GDPs.

Per Apple:

the App Store ecosystem facilitated $1.1 trillion in developer billings and sales in 2022, building on developers’ track record of strong, resilient growth, an independent study by economists from Analysis Group found. The App Store continues to create incredible opportunity for developers around the world, with more than 90 percent of the billings and sales accruing solely to developers and businesses of all sizes

According to World Bank data, that places the value of services and goods in the App Store “economy” just between The Netherlands and Indonesia. Which would make it the 17th largest “economy” on the planet. This is incredible.

Something I Expect to be Useful

Nobody won anything in Succession, but we all win because of this GIF

Plenty has been written or spoken about the Succession finale. Personally I’d been cheering for the Roys’ private jets to all collide with a meteor. I won’t spoil much by saying that did not happen, but we did get what I suspect will be an enormously useful GIF for many tweeting, tooting, and slacking occasions in the near future:


In our post-ZIRP era, I think we’re going to find plenty of uses for this meme. For example…

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